Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Take a deep breath ...release...OOOMMMM!

I hated it when my emotion took over me.I have leting my guard off.
This morning i felt like somebody just slap my face ,I tried to be calm but I think MOnthly cycle and calmness are old enemy sooo...
I have applied for managerial position at the other department ,in this company and my superior was told me that the company will not fill this position because a head count issue and the head division will supervise this dept.directly .
TOday (5 months later from my application)the new manager for this dept.will arrive and there is no memo or announcment out .In the meeting I was like ?????
When I asked my superior ,he said that the company decided to hire him becuase turn out this dept.need a manager and I said "Hellooooo I am here ,my application was up there nobody interview me ,is this fair ?
Than he said that this dept.need a guy to manage due on majorly male staffs ,they afraid that female manager will not strong or will be intimidate by all male staffs .
KMFA...! what do you mean women not strong enough ,do you think God just joking or only testing us women when we need to carry a baby for whole 9 months ,give birth without pain killer ,have postpartum ,sore nipples from all breastfeding ,monthly cycle accompanied by stomach cramp and nausea and to have PMS without trying to bite everybody heads off !

You guys try all of those and just first attempt ,you will rather jump from Golden Gate ..I'll bet

Don't take me wrong ,I love what I am doing now .I just want to have more experience for this industry .

.......NOw I'm in my office with closed door,I need my full concentration to assemble this time machine .I want to send him back to the time where male denomination still 10.000BC

PS : I know I'm not good for gramar ,especialy on my first day of my monthly so bear with me

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

I just finished this book last night ,Joshua Ferris bring back my memories 100 cubicle from here .
After this book finished ,boy I'm glad that I switch my job 360

Monday, April 21, 2008

Spa 101

This minute ,I just remember to take note for my self about spa 101 that I need to create for me for my self ,this spa 101 is basicaly compilation of what I need to do to achieve a stress free work and personal environtment .I'm planning to use this spa 101 for my self and my staffs .since we deal with a lot of people who trust their body ,soul and mind into our hand for hour and hours ,I feel I realy need this spa 101 for our stress free work place environtment .Right now I felt my department running high fever from inner tantrum ,nobody complain yet but I felt the negative aura sorounding me ,the staffs no longer as cheerfull as they used to be .I wish after the spa 101 done and I share and implementing it with the staff the negative aura will lift and leave us so that we can all live hapily forever after .But here some spa 101 for my self:
  1. Stick with your plan for the day and folow trough
  2. if you feel someone push you hard ,take a deep breath
  3. 15 minute meditation every morning .
  4. smile eventhough the people you give your smile won't return the smiles back,always think its not what you get ,but instead what you give.
  5. Always think the positive or the bright side for everything not so positive and not so bright happen to you .
  6. Sincere to everybody
  7. if all the above won't work out well ,there's always plan B to Z ( I'm still thinking for that)

Right now I'm so beat need my beauty sleep for tomorow ,ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

Profit and Loss

Well ,today P&L meeting was smooth ,except I need to meet my budget for this month which up to date Is not doing very good .I tried all formula I have in my files ;from the formula that my hspitality professor teach me at my hospitality college(when I was 18 years old) to the formula my spa mentors teach me and the formula I have succesfully implemented and succesfuly gain profit at different hotels I worked previous years .I think this is different years and tough years but..wait ,I do market research for 2008 on November 2007 and the files shown that almost all Hotel in Saipan have their own spa facility ,so I guess its a competition and its all aboutsharing a small slice of pie .another hotel will open their own spa soon next year (according to some trusted resource).
But ,Big BUT for me ,Its not my luxury to worried about other competitor. I need to think ,look ,working together with Sales & Marketing people to create more attractives and positive solution for all of this situation .
But..Wait ,Was I do this with them for 2008 plann ?Yes I did I remember exactly I present my plan in neat power point in front of the boss and Sales & Marketing people .and I folow trough every plan.some of this plan even in my MBO (Management by Objectives).
So I think I just need to adjust or revise some plan .
Tomorow I will send a meeting invitation to sales &marketing people to discuss this.


After P&L meeting with the Bosses , I'm so determined to achieve my monthly budget,since April only have a few days left until closing book ,it mean my time ,er ..I mean my budget inner sense is kicking and now in red allert ,I talk to my self "self what you gonna do,don't let me down "So after spend a few minutes with my inner self I jump from my office chair and meet with my receptionist I ask her if there's any guest in waiting list and surely she said yes there's 4 guest in waiting list tonight ,but she said we can only have 1 staff overtime since other 2 am shift staff have plann for tonight and will not be able to coming in for extra shift .I knew all spa suite was full booked tonight,the room we have available only salon room (beauty salon room) and the waiting list guests want massage treatments only .I told her to go head call the first guest on waiting list and scheduled her for massage in 15 minute ,my receptionist raise her eyebrow at me and ask"but who will do this massage and what room we will use ", " we will convert the salon room,I will open and prepare the portable massage table and I will do the treatments for the guests "I said. "But ma'am don't you have another meeting to attend "the receptionist ask me again ."I'm not worried about meeting ,I have my April P&L budget to worry about right now"I said ,the receptionist obey and start to calling in the first guest on the waiting list .
well,today I know for sure ,that we catch our profit budget for the day .This is not the first time I took guets my self ,this is my job I love it and need to be responsible for it.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Clear mind ,body and spirit

I thought today I might feel tired ,but after gulp 1 can of red bull I'm recharge again .
I'm addicted to red bull ,why ?I don't know..
its because I'm not a coffee drinker ,honestly people keep ask me the question"when we will grab coffe together or "lets meet over a coffee "
and I'm like .."I'm sorry I'm not drink coffee ,maybe we can get together over a smoothie ?
Well ,anyway this months is slowwwwwwww months for our industry ,the hotel is picking up but the spa industry experiencing same pattern as previous years .
I do some training for new staff and yesterday I am actualy planning on testing her for the massage ,but my daughters's Father have plann tonight and I need to go home early because he drop them at my place already ,so I need to cancel 1 of my plan for the day and reschedule it for next week .I get off early like 6:30 pm( yeah 6:30 pm is considered very early for hospitality industry)
The Kids and I decided on macaroni pasta for dinner ,just after the meal was cooked and we about ready to sit down for dinner the power was off so we decided to eat our dinner out on the balcony ,I burn 1 candle and it feels so nice 3 of us and candle lit dinner ,but after a while the mosquitos and other night bugs start to attack us so we decided to retire inside .
after dinner and the power not yet back on we play flashlight puppet show under the blanket .
Its such a perfect night tonight ,only me and my 2 cuddly hugly daughters .
I thanks God that I have 2 beautiful daughters .
"Thanks GOD"

Monday, March 24, 2008

spring musn't have

Me to my friends
Me : Give me $50 and I wear this shoes to your birthday party
My friends :I give you 50 bucks not to wear this shoes to my birthday party
Me : Deal!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Hectic day

Well , this is my first post and I'm rambling already.
Today is the most hectic day in my 9 years spa life .Hotel is on high occupancy and our spa reservation is as high as mount.Tapochau .I took 3 spa treatment guest my self .
and as soon a sI get home at 9:00 pm I felt I don't have energy anymore and just crash on the bed .Than I realized I have not eat anything all day yet ,so I get up and check what is available to eat but I only found K cereal and soy milk .I need to do grocery tomorow .
Tomorow is my day off Yoohoo !!!
Because the kids are at their Dad house ,I decided to get my running shoes and plan to have late night jog around the neighborhood.But as soon as I get 1/5 miles from my place the neighbour dog start to Bark realy loud ,than other dogs join in ,I feel so scared with all the barkings my mind start to imagin that the dogs chasing after me with their fangs just 1 inch behind my rear( I also feel my short pants cause it ,maybe they thought my legs look like chicken leg quarter ) .I felt so scared I decided to run back in to my place ,double lock the door grab my K cereal and eat it dry with my heart still beating so hard ,I can literaly heard it bada boom .
All the barkings was ruined my attemp to shed 1 more pound of flaby stomach tonight,but at the bright side I break my all time running record ,I think I'm running much faster tonight than usual ,don't ya think?